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Animals communicate by sense of smell and the trigger chemicals in their secretions are called pheromones. These are the ones that inspire a
reaction from others of the same species, The word pheromone is derived from Greek and means a communicator of excitement.

Humans are of course also animals and we produce the same class of aromas. Although often smells that occur in human sweat, they are not rank body odour, which is generally accepted to be the result of bacterial degradation of our sweat secretions. Furthermore they do not have to be consciously perceived to affect the recipient, as they have been shown to affect our behaviour when used at subconscious levels.

ANDROSTENOL (5 ALPHA ANDROST-16-EN-3 ALPHA-OL) is an interesting chemical in this field and has an open market price of between R14 128 - R24 000 per gram. It is associated with youthful exuberance. Virtually none is produced prior to puberty. The peak of its natural production is around late teenage and early twenties. After that production rapidly tails off.

        It is true to say though that some men produce more natural pheromones than others, which is why you see some guys who are not in the least handsome and yet have no problem in attracting the most beautiful women.

Men on average produce about two to three times as much as women.

The most interesting effect this chemical has is that it can alter people's impressions and assessments. (1) A group of test subjects were told that the experiment was to test how the stress of wearing a surgical mask would affect their decisions. They were shown photographs of men, women, animals, trees and buildings and asked to assess them on a scale of aggressive/passive, attractive/unattractive friendly/unfriendly etc., whilst wearing a mask. They were each tested twice with two weeks in between. What they were not told was that minute quantities of ANDROSTENOL were put on the mask on one of the occasions.
They were shown exactly the same photographs on both occasions and the results to the questions were different in the presence of ANDROSTENOL. The assessments of the buildings and trees hardly changed. Animals were judged as rash, more unpredictable but the real differences came in the photographs of other humans. Both men and women were judged to
appear more sensitive, good, intelligent, sexually attractive, warm, friendly and confident.

Sales people have found it to have advantages in their dealings with customers. Older people seem to enjoy its effects and notice subtle differences in other people's behaviour towards them.

The aroma of ANDROSTENONE (5 ALPHA ANDROST-16-EN-3-ONE) seems to be the very essence of aggression or dominance in man. A Home Office criminal pathologist found in a survey of a prison population, that it was the people in the violent wing and the prison governor who were
naturally high secretors of it. The value of ANDROSTENONE is reflected in its open market price. In small quantities it is R98 000 per gram coming down to R45 950 per gram if bought in bulk. In a harnessed form it has several diverse applications.

It quite simply influences where men and women sit - women are attracted to chairs sprayed with it and men tend to avoid them. Furniture companies have been known to use it in their showrooms to attract attention to a difficult-to-sell couch.

Gentlemen spray themselves - to gain additional respect, thereby appearing more domineering or intimidating. Patented for improving debt collection by spraying the final demands - not only do more people pay up, they also pay quicker.

Androstenone is blended with androstenol in our product 'Date-Mate 2000' and was designed to increase the average man's attractiveness to Miss Average Women.
But we do give a full money back Guarantee in these circumstances.

The effect a smell has on us depends very much on the way it is presented. If you were lost, cold, wet and hungry in a forest, the smell of woodsmoke would be most welcome.
You would go towards the source expecting warmth and possibly even food. Yet in a theatre watching a play, the smell of woodsmoke would be like to inspire panic.

If a man had the smell of territorial aggression about him, yet displayed a gentle caring character, he would be perceived as even more attractive by women. Subconsciously the message she would receive would be, that this man will sire stronger offspring and be better able to provide for and protect the resulting family. Echoing the phenomenon in the animal kingdom, where a mate is chosen for his greater strength and vigour.
Conversely an aggressive or threatening character would be all the more intimidating if his message were reinforced with this aroma.

It has been proved by independent research (2) (3) that if you take a row of say ten identical chairs and spray one of them with Androstenone's aggressive odour, women sit on it more often. It is believed that as the chairs offer no difference to the smell message, and are definitely not threatening, women subconsciously go towards them and find it to be some kind of invisible sanctuary. This experiment has been successfully repeated on telephone booths and it was found that not only were those booths used more often by women, so were the ones either side and furthermore the average duration of call increased.

In both of these experiments men reacted quite differently. They tended to avoid both the sprayed chairs and the telephone booths. It is thought that they were keeping away from a territory which has already been claimed by someone more dominant than themselves.

Debt collecting letters on the other hand are by their very nature threatening. Sprayed letters were paid more often and slightly quicker. Subconsciously by smell it said this letter was sent by someone who is dominant, aggressive and serious. The smell equivalent of red print on a bill.

We have used animal pheromones for centuries in our perfumes as fixatives sometimes even calling them aphrodisiacs. They are also highly prized by performers for the enhacing exalting effect they have on any mixture of essential oils or fragrances.

These human trigger odours are recreated in laboratory glassware. They are identical to the ones found on some of our bodies. Muscone and Civetone have excited the perfumiers for a long time with their mimicry of our bodily odours, but surely the human odours are naturally more effective and they also avoid cruelty to animals.

'Date-Mate Fm' is a pheromone product produced exclusively for women to attract men. It contains Androstenol, the youthful and exuberant pheromone together with a blend of slightly fruity odours that have been called Copulins. These are natural aromatic acids, which have been shown
to have a relaxing effect on men. As these pheromones are most strong at the fertile stage of the female reproductive cycle, levels can be drastically reduced by any hormonal imbalance caused by contraceptive preparations or the menopause.

Some may question why a relaxing odour would act as inviting to men, most often people would expect the female to stimulate. Do bear in mind though that the largest single cause of impotence in civilised society is tension. The use of de-odourants and the contraceptive pill seems to have interfered with our natural pheromonal functions.

Both 'Date-Mate 2000' and 'Date-Mate Fm' are pure (synthetic) pheromones in pure alcohol.

Both products are best applied to fabric or natural fibres including paper. This is not that there is anything wrong with using them on your body. It is just that they will not last as long. Bacteria will attack them in the same way they do normal sweat secretions.

On letters or in any other experiment one spray is sufficient and this can last for up to a hundred days. On natural fibres they can only be completely removed by dry cleaning.
They are not soluble in soap and water. For application to your own clothing three to five sprays would be sufficient and is best applied to collar, cuffs, wristbands and groin area. One American convert to our products sprays his whole wardrobe and then shuts the door. A very economical method of use.

Both our products are sold by mail order for R239.00 each  (Plus Postage - About R20).
They come in discreet 15ml atomiser sprays giving an average of 100 sprays each.

Men in Europe have been using sexual attractants laced with pheromones for over 20 years.
Pheromones are a chemical sex signal that all insects and animals, including humans, secrete to attract the opposite sex. Most sexual behavior of insects and animals is controlled bv pheromones. They are nature’s chemical sex signal to attract the opposite sex. Now, you can have the sexual secret of European men. A chemical sex signal scent of pheromones in a bottle called 'Date-Mate

For years farmers have been using pheromones to induce female herds of bulls and cows to breed. By simply spraying the male animal version of the pheromones on the male herd the females would almost instantly assume the mating position.

When you wear 'Date-Mate 2000' women will become instantly sexually attracted to you. It will arouse the female sex glands, heighten her sensual responses to a feverish pitch and awaken her appetite for sex, the same as the smell of food awakens hunger.

Our scientists have isolated these human pheromones and have bottled them, it is called 'Date-Mate 2000'.

Every time you wear 'Date-Mate 2000', it will send out a natural chemical signal of sex to women that will compel them towards you and make you irresistable to them and they will not know why.

'Date-Mate 2000', a human pheromone spray for men to attract women, will get you MORE ATTENTION !

The power of pheromones has been featured on 20/20, Dateline, and in articles in Penthouse, Playboy, Chic,Swank, Vogue, Omni, Discovery and numerous medical journals, television shows and newspapers from the N. Y.Times to the L.A. Times.

In one scientific study pheromones were put through an 8 week double blind placebo controlled scientific study. The results were incredible. Single men who were using the actual pheromones reported more looks from women, more romantic attention from Women and more SEX. Married men who were also using the product around their wives reported more weekly SEX.
One married gentleman stated “She went from being never in the mood, to being in the mood almost every night !

Each bottle of 'Date-Mate 2000' contains powerful pheromones called Androstenone & Androstenol. Because it is not an internal aphrodisiac, it is perfectly safe and legal. Just use 'Date-Mate 2000' like you would a cologne and enjoy the fireworks.

It doesn't matter what you look like. If you use 'Date-Mate 2000' all women will find you sexually attractive, You will have more eye contact, more conversations, more dates, and more SEX with women than you ever thought you could. Where ever you sit women will gather around you like magnets. When women smell the pheromones in 'Date-Mate 2000' they will become instantly attracted to you. 'Date-Mate 2000' attracts women on a premordial level (animal subconscious).

We are so convinced you will see the difference, that if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase return the unused portion and we will refund your money.




What our customers tell us about Date-Mate 2000!

Below are un-edited testimonials received by us from genuine customers and are kept on file in our offices.

"I first used Date Mate 2000 about 3 years ago, I'd had a rather 'barren' spell previously and it was getting me down. I didn't tell anyone about Date-Mate, cos frankly I found the stories a bit unbelievable and didn't hold out much hope, but I was pretty desperate. Anyway I ordered some, put on 4 sprays, and I went out with some friends as we'd done many times before, and - honestly - I got loads of attention from women all night. This was unheard of - I'm not exactly Brad Pitt! Even girls who'd never looked at me twice were chatting away and flirting. My friends, at seeing this, wanted to know what was going on, especially since I was sniggering to myself all evening (in disbelief more than anything!). Eventually I told them the truth. They were amazed.
Anyway I used it for a number of months after that and after having two women falling out over me (honestly!!!) I ended up going out with one of them, who was absolutely stunning, completely out of my league! I never did tell her my secret. Anyway I'm recently single so I'll be ordering some more Date-Mate shortly! I can assure you  that I am 100% genuine and I'm telling the truth.
I mean, I accept that 99% of the pheromone effect is probably down to a self-confidence boost, but whatever it is I don't care because honestly it works for me."

Peter  Merseyside

"It was my first date: I was very nervous as to whether she would like me or not, so I decided to use Pheromones, mixed with my cologne. Because I was still a bit unsure as to whether this 'miracle' would work or not, I took a shot of Vodka just before I walked down to her house to pick her up.
What happened next was unbelievable: As soon as she opened the door, she looked at me in a very seductive way and led me to the sitting room,
"I'll just be a sec!" I waited until she was fully ready, and as I was getting up to go out with her, she kissed me. I've never experienced such a feeling. As the evening proceeded, I just couldn't believe it, this stuff (Date-Mate 2000) really works...I swear!

We're now living happily ever after, and all thanks to Date-Mate 2000!"

Chris Ives.   Windsor UK

I had heard of pheromone products a few years ago, but dismissed them as just another con sold by seedy sex shops in Soho. However, more recently ! had read some encouraging articles, backed up by scientific evidence in various magazines and newspapers on the subject, so decided to look them up on the net via google (the search engine) and checked out around 20 web-sites selling pheromone products, before deciding to purchase a bottle from datemate-2000. Without going in to detail, all I can say is this stuff WORKS! It lived up to all the claims on the web-site and I ordered another 3 bottles almost immediately........I RECOMMEND IT 100%!........Thank you.

Steve      York UK

"I hadn't been out with a woman for over a year after splitting with my wife and was becoming
very despondent. Someone had mentioned how effective Pheromones were months before, so one evening I trawled the net and came across Date-Mate 2000 and thought, "what the hell I'll give it a try"!
It was full money back guarantee so what did I have to loose. Anyway, a couple of days later it arrived, Friday it was, and I was going out with a mate for a drink that night. Right I thought, tonight's a good night to see if it works. So I used only a little of my own Aftershave and put on about 5 or 6 sprays of Date-Mate onto my shirt as recommended.
We went to our local pub as normal and while we were at the bar, this lady, who I had seen in the bar a few times before but who had previously ignored me, was at the bar buying drinks alongside me and kept looking my way! I thought at first she was looking at someone behind me, as you do. But she wasn't, so after a couple of minutes I plucked up courage and said "Can I buy your drink for you" - well after that it was all plain sailing. We chatted all night in the Pub and I arranged to see her the next night. I've been seeing her now for 9 months and we're talking about getting married after living together for the last 4 months. The funny thing is that she said to me on the night after we met, "She couldn't understand why she hadn't seen me before!!!!" So you tell me.......... I'm absolutely positive it was the Date-Mate, but I certainly didn't tell her. So thanks a bunch guys."
Nigel Butler.     Cambridge

I am from Serbia. My uncle was on trip to London, and occassionaly he bought for me DateMate 2000. I used it for few months very often, and I experienced great results... In the first month one girl from my university ask me to go out with her. I did, and we have great time. Also, female worker in market near my appartment, started speaking with me, in such a twisted way. I saw that as a green light, and I asked her to visit me at my place. She didn't refused... After that, I had 3 more encounter. I am totaly satisfied with Date-Mate 2000. Thank you.

Miroslav Cvetinov     Yugoslavia

I've tried Date-Mate, me and my mate bought some last year and tested it out to the max..
We got some sort of reaction every now and then so it definitely does something.. but I don't know about loads of girls chasing you down the street or anything like that..
The best thing we did was got some  tester cards for aftershave and sprayed the Date-Mate on that .. then we went up to this
girl and asked her if she liked this new smell ., and should we go out and buy it.. she went crazy for it and said that we should definitely get some .. she could not help sniffing it .. she just kept holding it up to her nose .. she just could not get enough..
So should you go and get some.. yeh ... is it gonna change your life... do they improve your chances... well I don't know ... but they definitely seem to do something ...
Terry Gates.    London

I was just surfing round on the net and found this site. I'd never heard of these Pheromones before and decided id give it a go. Since using it i've had girls asking me out basicly every day. Last year i got no date for our school ball.
This year i've had 12 girls ask me and its like 2 months before! Ive been having a lot more conversations with chicks as well. I wouldn't say it makes chicks just turn round and fall in your arms, but it defentily attracts them. I've been doing my own experiments at school and noticed if i get up and move seats in class the girls round me one-by-one get up and follow too. Also i've been getting in less fights, which i'm pleased with. I'd defentily buy more Date-Mate because i like the results, and i feel like im missing something if I go out without it.

Josh Comer  New Zealand

Hi there! I'm from Singapore and I got this bottle of Date-Mate 2000 from a friend of mine who was studying back in the University of London. He told me what it was and naturally, I didn't give a hoot about what this pheromone-thing was about attracting members of the opposite sex. But he kept pestering me to use it when we were going out for a few drinks that night. He instructed me to spray some of Date-Mate on my shirt along with my Hugo Boss, and I did so as to stop him from his incessant pestering. That night really changed my life. Serious! I was the kind of person that prefer to be alone with a few drinks but that night was a total different thing! There was this girl that I've been eyeing for a long time and suddenly she sat right beside me and asked for my contact number and ASKED IF SHE COULD BUY ME A DRINK!! We started chatting away while my friend was fending some girl... But's that's not it! When the bar closed she invited me to her apartment and well.. you know the rest. :-) We've been going out for a few months now and till now, whenever I ask her why she was so attracted to me, she'd say something about the 'sub-conscious' attraction that she had for me. But of course, I never told her about Date-Mate.
Casey Teo  Singapore

I used some date-mate 2000 on accident because it was sitting on a friends dresser, the whole day I was being hit on like never before. thanks date-mate
Anonomous   USA

Well heres my story,

I had heard that pheromones were a good way of getting women to pay you more attention Iwas always good a talking to women but never seemed to be able to close the deal, so i decided to give datemeate a go well the results were simply out of this world. i tried it out at work first and while i was not trying to pick up anyone at work, i was getting some interesting looks in my direction.

The next time was at the pub i had bumped into a lady friend of mine who was out with a couple of her mates, one of whom i had never met. after a few drinks we eaded off for a night club - well i went home with that girl that night.
I could not believe how fantastic this stuff worked I dont understand it, but trust me IT WORKS.  its your secret weapon to love, sex and maybe even promotion at work.
Alastair Whyte  United Kingdom

I don't know whether it is the date mate working or just a change in my attitude since using it, but things have certainly changed for me. I only received my first bottle a couple of days ago, and have not really tried it in anger as yet, that is going to happen this weekend. The morning the datemate arrived, I thought I would try some on while I went to work. The first thing that happened was that i went to my local garage to get some
petrol, the girl who works there has never given me a second glance, but that morning she was very chatty, a bit nervouse even. Ok that was a coincidence. I arrived at work, and found instantly that it was much easier to get the girls in the office to do things for me. Another coincidence perhaps. Im in sales, and I found that day where the major decision maker was a female my hit rate was 100%, and not only that, the deals were more profitable than
they usually were. By now I was starting to wonder if this bottle of slightly strange smelling liquid really was having some affect. On the way home I called into my local barbers to get my hair cut, and then it happened, the girl cutting my hair asked me out for a drink. This has never happened to me before, and now Im convinced that it is the Datemate. After writing this Im going to order another couple of bottles,
and then I'm going to prepare for what I hope will be the best saturday night ive had in a long time.
Dave  Wirral  Cheshire

I have a friend who has used Date Mate in the past. Before he lacked confidence and hardly ever had the attention of women. However since using Date Mate 2000 his confidence has risen dramatically and his success with the opposite sex has been very noticeable. When we go out to clubs he always seems to be surrounded by two or three women at a time, i'm starting to get jealous. I think I'll be
investing in a bottle soon, Date Mate not only makes you more appealing to women but it boosts self asteem and I've seen it work.

Mike, England

Hi, my names Joe Michalczuk. I bought your Pheromones after realising the girl of my dreams didnt feel the same way about me as i felt about her. I was heartbroken. Fortunately for me whilst i was
searching for a way to make this right i stumbled onto the datemate website. I was at first, i must admit, dubious. However i thought to myself why not give it a go! I therefore ordered, and awaited its arrival anxiously. When it arrived I was like a child on christmas eve, i shaked as i unwrapped the parcel and followed the directions given. I arranged to meet Jenny that same evening and to amazement towards the end of the evening she reciprocated my feelings towards her, and we have been a couple ever since. That was at least one year ago, and we are still
going strong. I would just like to thank datemate for making it all possible. Thanks again.

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