F. A. Q.'s
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How do I pay?                       
Your payment of R239.00 secures your order for ONE 15ml Bottle. All payments must be done into: DJ Botes, FNB, Acc nr: 62024894108, Branch Code: 230436, Current Account.

How do I know if I would receive my order after having paid for it?   
We are in the business to supply you with what you want. Your order will be shipped as soon as we have received your proof of payment via an e-mail .

You will receive your order within 10 days of proof of payment - GUARANTEED!

Do you accept cheques ?   
Yes, but only if drawn from a Bank in South Africa

If I pay by cheque in the , how long does my order take?  
We allow 7 days for cheque clearance, so around 9/10 days from receipt of your cheque.

Are orders delivered under plain wrap?        
YES, they are delivered in a plain bubble wrap envelope.   

Do you deliver to anywhere in the South Africa?
YES, and our prices on our order page excludes post&packaging. Postage will not be more than R20 per order.

Does Date-Mate 2000 or Fm have any added fragrance?

Is it possible to smell Date-Mate 2000 or Fm once it has been sprayed on?
Most people perceive it sub-consciously, but some people may possibly perceive it as a very slight Musk smell.

Is it better to spray Date-Mate 2000 or Fm onto my skin or onto my clothing?
We strongly recomend it be sprayed onto your clothing. Pheromones will not wash out of clothing, they will gradually deteriorate over a few weeks. Sprayed on the skin they will last perhaps 2 or 3 hours and also your skin acidity can affect the performance of the pheromones.

Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to Date-Mate 2000 or Fm?
Yes, anything is possible in this regard, which is another reason to spray it direct onto clothing. But in over 5 years retailing it on the Internet we have only been made aware of just two instances of this occurring after being sprayed on the skin.

We operate from The Medical Centre in Klerksdorp, Northwest South Africa. Office 305, C/O Church & Margaretha Prinsloo Streets


E-mail: djbotes@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.pheromones.jislaaik.com