Pheromone Test!
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We may attract or repel other people depending on the odours we emit. The way we look, sound, and feel play their part but a lot of researchers now believe we underestimate theeffect of attractant or aversive odours. Smells are somehow less definable; more easily overlooked.

Pheromones are substances one organism produces for purposes of chemo-communication with another of the same species. And, what is more, that definition appeared on the Arts page in the Guardian. "Pheromones," wrote the arts correspondent Robin Denselow, "are smells which are not consciously recognised by the brain but which affect the behaviour ofothers. "

He named androstenone as one pheromone which occurs in men's urine and sweat. It has also been found to have an attractant effect on women.

      I first demonstrated this efffect in a waiting room at Guy’s Hospital. Michael Kirk-Smith repeated the experiment at Birmingham University and showed a statistically significant influence. He also confirmed this pheromone had an aversive effect on men.